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Make reporting and managing patient records easy.

Detailed post procedure reports are essential for proper treatment & care of patients.

Manual reports are time consuming, limit your ability to display images, managing patient records is cumbersome, and require manual data backup, etc.

In today’s digital world, having a software to do all this is a given. Mitra’s advanced Image and Records Management System “EndoClinic” offers all the above and more, making your reporting and managing patient records storage an easy task.

EndoClinic is a versatile and highly efficient management system that helps the Endoscopist achieve better clinical outcomes by accurate documentation & reporting. Compatible with Gastroscopy, Laparoscopy, Urology, Ultrasound, IVF Centres, the software can capture full HD video & unmatched image quality with large sized images for better visualisation.

Make information work for you.

Medical Worker
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EndoClinic 8i HD

  • User Friendly.

  • Compatible with Windows 7 to Window 10.

  • Customisable for seamless interface with HIS.

  • Record / Edit still and moving sequences.

  • Intelligent image cropping of full screen video for better reporting formats.

  • Movie editing and Movie merging.

  • Auto Masking.

  • Generate summary in Excel.

  • Intelligent Patient record search using ID, Name, Age, Ref, etc.

  • Create and Edit new templates.

  • Generate presentations, documents, e-mail etc.

  • Supports Multi-user environment.

  • Backup to CD/DVD and external devices.

  • Export/Import database.

  • Export/Import image and video.

  • Simultaneously transfer multiple patient data.

  • Select input source using foot switch.


What We Offer

Endoclinic software’s High Definition version achieve better clinical outcome by accurately reporting & documenting.

Full HD Video & Image Quality.

Compatible with Win 7 & up to Win 10

Export summary in Excel format.

Supports Multi-user environment

Why Choose Endoclinic 

Central Management

View and analyse business centrally from a central system.


Efficient Operations

With the complex operations simplified and made efficient, reap the benefits in terms of saving costs, and increase of revenues!

Experienced Advisor Service

On-call support from service Engineers

Qualified service engineers to solve customer greivances.

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